Quantum Imagery began in the summer of 1999 as the brainchild of Steven Skoczen and Chas McAvoy, in the suburban wastelands of Tempe, Arizona. Six months later, Steven moved to San Diego, and Chas moved on. In those early days, QI's specialty was Macromedia Flash, and we were quickly established as the go-to people when things weren't working and a deadline loomed.

Over the next five years, Steven expanded his skills to include back-end programming (PHP, ASP) and database design. He further developed his Flash Actionscript and Javascript talents, eventually co-authoring a book on Javascript, and technical editing 3 others on programming in Macromedia Flash. Steven developed partnerships with some of the most skilled designers (well, if you believe those design awards) and programmers in San Diego, and Quantum Imagery's skill base and abilities grew.

But in early 2005, Steven (and by extension this company) headed off in a new direction. Where's that? The present.

Siteography has gone through quite a few designs and redesigns in its days. You can see how the site has changed over the years (and even some designs that never quite made it public) below.