Note: The below is out of date, written in August 2005. Steven did indeed graduate from Cornell, then moved to Portland to start with Jeff Gunther. Quantum Imagery is still in the programming business, doing customer software development for organizations in Portland and across the world.

Today, things are changing. While Quantum Imagery continues to serve existing clients, and maintain our applications, we're no longer soliciting new web development work. Steven has decided to shift his life's focus a bit to work on solving the environmental and energy production issues that comprise the world's most pressing problems. And let's face it, Quantum Imagery, partnerships aside, is a sole proprietorship. Where Steven goes, the company goes, whether it likes it or not.

To facilitate this shift, Steven has enrolled at Cornell University. (Did we mention that he never got a bachelor's degree?) If you ask him to tell you, he'll blather on about "Environmental Engineering is the perfect meld of each of the two ideals that drive me: the need to create, and the desire to enable people to take active part in creating a more sustainable world". What drivel. If you're really bored, you can read what he told Cornell as to why he'd like to attend.

But mockery aside, that's the summary of Quantum Imagery today. It's a company in transition, with an eye to the future, while filling our obligations to our clients at the present.

And yes, for anyone who's really been following the site, the dog is still around. There's now a cat, too. If you're interested what's been happening with that Steven guy, he has a whole personal site (or four) over at