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Dwr is a hybrid between a photoblog and a photo gallery. It is a stand-alone system, not a hosted solution, and was built because existing systems were either a)less-than-beautiful, b)less-than-functional, or c)less-than-free (or all three). Dwr is free to use, and open-sourced under the GPL.

Compared to hosted services like Flickr or Smugmug, dwr isn't quite as feature-rich (no RSS yet, for one). But it is more elegant (in our opinion), and has some features the other services don't (like a photo-rating system). It's not for everyone, but possibly for some. If you'd like to see what it looks like, click the "See dwr in action" link over yonder.

Amazingly, there's actually a manual for it. Check it out over on that link.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Have you read the manual? It might help. But if your question isn't in there, contact us.