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i4 (Impact4) is a feature-rich survey framework for Macromedia Flash. It supports conditional branching navigation, including jump and random sections, is built from completely modular components, and is distributed with a core set of UI elements ("widgets") that meet most data input needs.

Note: i4 was developed by the Laboratory for Patient Informatics (LPI) at UCSD, with some independent code contributions from Quantum Imagery. Note that although Steven worked at LPI, the copyrights for i4 are generally held by UCSD. Quantum Imagery makes no claims to ownership of the code, although we do actively contribute code and graphics to the project. i4 has been open-sourced under the LGPL, and is now hosted at SourceForge.

For a full list of features, uses, and FAQs, visit the i4 SourceForge site.