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Lyon Arboretum

Quick Stats

Client: Lyon Arboretum
Project type: Full web site design and programming
Delivery method: Medium-bandwidth Internet connection
Technology: HTML, PHP, CSS, and Graphic Design.


Lyon Arboretum needed a new website that was clean, professional, and could serve as a central hub for activities at the Arboretum. There were several existing web sites, but none could be easily updated by the staff for new news, classes, or hours.

Quantum Imagery developed a new public web site for the arboretum, as well as an internal discussion board and calendar. The public site included an updatable calendar, integrated tools for classes, and separated content for easy content changes. How easy? The site was built in 2003, it's still updated today, and nobody's called us since.

Technical Details

The beauty of the Arboretum web site - aside from its looks - it the level of configurability. The color schemes for individual sections of the web site can be changed with two lines when graphic elements change. Content pages are separated into several folders, restricting update access to the correct individuals in the organization.

The site itself is built in PHP and nearly pure CSS (it does use one table). But it's easy to configure, and solid in all major browsers. It also degrades gracefully for text-only access.