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Quick Stats

Client: University of Hawaii
Project type: Online Scientific Journal
Delivery method: Low-bandwidth internet connections
Technology: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Imagemagick, TeTEX, XML


Lyonia was created as a free, open scientific journal for the University of Hawai'i. It fully automates the mundane activities of journal management, from submission to creating print-ready PDFs.

Lyonia was the archetype for the Olorien software package. For a full list of details, see the Olorien page.

The Lyonia look and feel was designed to look simple and elegant, but be light (in file size) enough that users across the globe, even on slow connections could easily access it.

Technical Details

Lyonia is an Olorien installation. Accordingly, it is built in PHP, ties into a MySQL database and the filesystem, and uses several PDF and image manipulation tools.

It also has its own markup language, for the convenience of users submitting to the journal.